Bella Torte Beautiful Handcrafted Celebration Cakes

Gallery. Rachel 90th

90th Birthday Cake

An Organic Rich Fruit Cake for a 90th Birthday with a handcrafted pink rose posy to keep.

Gallery. Total Orthodontics

Organic Rich Fruit Cake

An order of 32 Organic Rich Fruit Christmas Cakes for an annual Christmas gift for partners. (Please see Testimonial)

Gallery. Peaches & Cream 30th

Peaches & Cream 30th Anniversary

Beautiful handcrafted roses sitting on a vintage cream iced fruit cake.

The flowers and handmade cake band can be treasured forever.

Gallery. Snow Mountain

Contemporary Snow Mountain

A contemporary cake for a father and daughter celebrating milestones and who both enjoy skiing.

Three tiers were Victoria Sponge and the top was a Vegan Sponge. The trees were created from wire.

Gallery. Robin 91

3D Robin Cake

A commission cake for a very special birthday.

Gallery. Art Deco

Art Deco

Three tier Art Deco style cake with Peonies. Feathers were the colour theme of the party.

Flavours were Victoria Sponge, Orange Carrot Cake and Chocolate Fudge Cake.

Gallery. Dog Rose

White Dog Roses with Stephanotis and Golden Flowers

This Cake was designed by 'Victoria Made' who kindly gave me permission to copy it for my client who chose it.

It is a four tier (double height) rich fruit cake, carrot cake, chocolate cake and madeira cake. The handmade flowers wind up the cake to meet a golden coronet of flowers, decorated in edible beads.

Gallery. Vintage Wedding

Vintage Wedding Cake

This is a close up view of the handcrafted flowers made for the main picture on my website. The flowers had to be individually placed due to the weight. The cake was iced in a champagne coloured fondant and wrapped in icing lace, with pearl icing drops. The bottom two tiers were rich fruit cake, the third tier was carrot cake and the top was a light fruit cake.

Gallery. Arum Lily Wedding

Arum Lily Wedding Cake

This stacked three tier fruit cake was a commission. The flowers and leaves were handcrafted other than the Gypsophelia.

Gallery. Engagement

Engagement Cake

Standing a cake on a mirror is a beautiful way of showing off the design. The base was made from rich fruit cake and covered in marzipan and white fondant icing. The heart on top was carrot cake made without nuts, due to a family member being unable to have nuts. It was just covered in fondant. Both were wrapped with icing lace and the decoration was handcrafted.

Gallery. Silver Dot

Silver Wedding Anniversary Cake

A plain iced rich fruit cake with a lovely personalised, cross stitched cake band. The handcrafted flowers were placed so that they could stand high on the cake.

Gallery. RubyC

Ruby Wedding Anniversary Cake

The handcrafted flowers consisted of roses, lily of the valley and small carnations etc. I finished the cake off with a personalised cross stitch cake band and lace design on the board.

Gallery. GoldenC

Golden Wedding Anniversary Cake

I placed the roses on this cake to depict them climbing over it and finished it with a personalised cross stitch cake band.

Gallery. DiamondA

Diamond Wedding Anniversary Cake

As with the Silver Wedding Cake, I placed the roses so that they could stand tall on the cake. The icing was sprinkled in sparkles due to the event.

Gallery. Baby

New Baby Cake

This cake was a commission for a Baby Shower. The base was carrot cake with a delicious orange butter cream and the other layer was chocolate.

Gallery. Heart

Heart Cake

This heart shaped cake can be made for a number of occasions. The icing has been marbled and it has a pretty decorative fluffy ribbon around it.

Gallery. Freesia 50

Freesia Cake

A square rich fruit cake covered in white fondant icing. A simple bunch of Freesias are placed in the centre and it is finished off with a personalised cross stitch cake band.

Gallery. Daisy 60

Daisy Cake

An Organic Rich Fruit Cake with Daisies and Buttercups.

Gallery. Leaf 70

Leaf Cake

The design on this cake was imprinted into the icing, instead of being an addition. It was made for a male, so I did not want it to look too feminine.

Gallery. Pink 70

Pink Roses Cake

Another floral cake finished with sparklers.

Gallery. Anemone 90

Anemone Cake

I made this cake in 1999 for my Grandmother, as she loved Anemones.

Gallery. Robin 90

Robin Cake

This was a commission for a male client who loves Robins and just wanted plain iced Organic Rich Fruit Cake.

Gallery. Christmas

Christmas Cake

Uneven icing to make it look like snow. Decorated with Snow Drops, Holly and other flowers.

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